How Do I Upload Files In WordPress?

Q: I want to be able to upload images (for ads, banners, etc.) without having to FTP in. I’ve been doing it by adding them to a dummy post and then copying the link and adding where I need it-is there a better solution?

A: There’s a built in solution for WordPress to do just this.

In the sidebar of the WordPress Admin Area, click on “Media > Add New” (located at

Upload Files In WordPress via the Media Section

From there you’ll see the same file uploading interface that you do when you create a post or page.

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[Question submitted by Kelly Whalen.]

Random YouTube Videos in Sidebar

Q: I am after a YouTube plugin for a widget. What I want to do is have a YouTube video that randomly rotates between three/four videos in the side bar. Is there one?

A: While it was created for serving ads, Datafeedr Random Ads, should do the trick for you. We’ve used it for images in the past and it does exactly what we needed it to.

Installation Instructions

  1. Upload the plugin files to your plugins directory
  2. Activate the plugin
  3. Go to Tools > Datafeedr Random Ads
  4. Create an Ad Group (a set of ads that you want to rotate)
  5. Place a widget in your sidebar or template code in your template files

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How Do I Add A Contact Form On

Q: How Do I Add A Contact Form On

A: On the standard version of your only built in option is to use the “[contact-form]” short code.

To do this, place “[contact-form]” (without the quotes) in your page where you’d like it to appear and save it.

Once saved you’ll see a form show up that looks similar to your standard comments form.  Note that this will look differently to anyone who is logged into Contact Form (logged in view) Contact Form (logged out view)

If that doesn’t suit your needs and you’re after a more customizable solution you’ll need to look for hosted form solutions of which there are various options.  And of course, you can always opt to go the self-hosted route.

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